DO and BE

There are times when a church is in need of a guest speaker-preacher for a Sunday morning, Sunday evening, mid-week service, adult or women’s retreat or other special event.  

This is what Growing Deeper Ministries is called to DO and BE.  

DO what we feel the Lord has prompted by bringing a relevant, Bible-based message, a worship song or two (if desired) and powerful prayer ministry to your congregation or group.

BE a blessing to churches and other Christian groups in Central Ohio. 


We believe the Holy Spirit desires to:

  • Renew our minds - Romans 12
  • Help us view life with an Eternal Perspective - 2 Corinthians 4
  • Teach us how to worship - John 4; Psalm 150
  • Teach us how to walk in the Spirit - Galatians 5
  • Bring freedom and inner healing (emotionally, spiritually, physically) - Isaiah 61
  • Help us know our true identity in Christ- Romans 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Help us have a defense for our faith -     I Peter 3:15
  • Empower us in Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance - Ephesians 3 & 6


The Holy Spirit gives gifts to ALL believers in Jesus.  We want to use our gifting to bless others.

  • Powerful, relevant Bible-based messages given by gifted teachers and preachers.
  • Adult & Women's Retreat programming.
  • Spiritual Care Ministry focused on empowerment, inner healing & deliverance for individuals.
  • Gifted intercessors and prayer warriors for powerful prayer ministry.
  • Talented worship singer and musicians help us enter into worship more fully.
  • Prayer Labyrinth for special events, workshops or retreats.