While not a direct ministry of a particular church, Amy Clark and Bonnie Jones are active members of Northside Fellowship Church and Oasis City Church and recognize the delegated pastoral/spiritual authority of their Pastors who have blessed this para-church ministry, are prayer partners and provide a wealth of spiritual/ministerial support.

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"The presentations by Amy and Bonnie Jones were inspiring - their knowledge and sharing of personal experiences were so meaningful".

"Everyone at the retreat seemed to be changed in a good way by the entire day.  Thank you Growing Deeper Ministries Team"!

"The music was awesome, especially the powerful renditions of songs by Julie Neal".  

"I can not express how much my time with Bonnie impacted me (Inner Healing). I knew the Lord's presence was there with us the whole time.  I left feeling calm and at peace. It was more than what I needed. I will certainly do this again and would recommend this to anyone struggling in their personal lives. Bonnie is a gift from God!

"You and your team did a wonderful job (at the retreat) leading the ladies.  The Holy Spirit was there and many were touched.  Can't wait for the next one"!

 "Thank you so much for sharing this day with us....your prayer, enthusiasm, worship, and testimonials were so uplifting! God Bless".

"Thank you again on behalf of the church.  All of you ladies were such a blessing and have left such an impact on the women at our church, you guys rock"!

"I recently attended a one-day Growing Deeper Ministries women's retreat.  Wow!  Encouraging, inspiring and amazing are just a few words to describe the entire event.  Amy, Bonnie and their prayer posse teamed up with the Holy Spirit to present Biblically-sound teaching, preaching, and singing.  Eastland Christian Church hosted the day with beautiful decor, prayer stations, a wonderful worship band, and an awesome breakfast and lunch.  I'm confident that I can speak for every lady in attendance: the experience was truly edifying!  My relationships--with Jesus, with other women, and especially with myself--have been strengthened because of this retreat. Growing Deeper Ministries reminded me of the simple Truth of how God sees me (and it is good; it is very good!)"!